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Custom Window Treatments for Mid-Century Homes

If there’s any style of home that’s ideal for taking in stunning desert views and basking in natural light, it’s the iconic mid-century modern architecture style. Reveling in simplicity and emphasizing an open feel between different rooms, this classic American style has left its mark on the Coachella Valley area for decades. To really make the most of your unique windows in your mid-century home, you’ll want to carefully choose the right custom window treatments.

Custom window treatments for mid-century modern homes near Palm Springs, California (CA) including shutters

Custom Shutters

One of the most distinctive features of mid-century modern design is the heavy use of lines and angles. To get good light control and privacy throughout your home, you’ll want to find custom window treatments that will be consistent with the overall aesthetic without sacrificing practicality.

Custom shutters will be a great choice for mid-century modern bathrooms that feature large windows with unique angles. You can easily tilt your shutters for optimal light and privacy while enjoying the crisp lines. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters work especially well here since they come in clean white tones and are made with durable materials that can handle consistent exposure to moisture.

This shutter style also looks great in mid-century modern kitchens, where you’ll often find accent windows near the sink or dining area.

Custom Blinds

When it comes to living rooms, bedrooms, and other large spaces where windows are intentionally designed to connect the indoors to your scenic surroundings, it can be incredibly difficult to find window treatments that won’t diminish the intended effect.

One of the best window treatment styles for the floor-to-ceiling windows often found in mid-century modern homes is Skyline® Gliding Window Panels. These custom vertical blinds create lines that mimic the look of mid-century window frames while evoking a sense of serenity consistent with the open feel of mid-century living rooms.

These custom panel track blinds can also be taken off the track to be used as stylish room dividers. This will be perfect for establishing a little nook, reading area, or workspace in your open floor plan.

Custom Shades

With the aim of maintaining the clean look of your home while effectively controlling natural light, the Designer Roller Shades will be a great choice. Offering an incredibly simple look while adding style and subtle textures to your home, these custom window treatments are perfect for bedrooms in mid-century modern homes. Not only is the shade itself designed for clean style but the headrail is also made to keep your windows looking uncluttered.

To add to the peaceful feel of your bedroom, you can add PowerView® Automation to your custom roller shades. Operating smoothly with little noise, you can use the tap of your phone or a simple voice command to make your shades raise and lower, making every morning and evening better than ever.

Here at Ivan’s Blinds & More, we are proud to offer a great selection of custom window treatments for mid-century modern homes. We are located in La Quinta, CA, and serve the Coachella Valley, including La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indio, and Palm Springs, CA. Contact us today to get started!