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Find Balance in Design with Indoor Shutters

Balance. It’s often hard to achieve in design partially because it’s so hard to define. What is a balanced style? How do you balance a style if you’ve already got existing décor and you’re adding new pieces? Or what elements of functional design, like indoor shutters, can also be used in a stylistic way to help balance design? Because another challenge of balanced design in a home is that not every element in a house can be purely decorative and so successful interior design must balance the functional need and decorative flair to successfully create a harmonious and habitable space. Items like window treatments including indoor shutters are versatile in that they marry style and function while holding a prominent, visual place in many rooms; additionally, window treatments control natural light, which plays a key role in balancing design along with color and texture.

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters La Quinta, California (CA) indoor shutters balance design through light, color, and texture

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters from Hunter Douglas are the embodiment of balance in design. These indoor shutters combine the classic beauty of real wood shutters and the enhanced durability of faux wood composites. Additionally, their traditional aesthetic has many modern customizations available, so in construction and style, indoor blinds like NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters are balanced. The way they control light, add color, and blend texture is a powerful tool when trying to balance interior design throughout your home.

Natural Light

Indoor shutters balance natural light within a space because they can create a range of interior illumination. Need bright light to balance dark colors? Indoor shutters can do that. Want deflected light to compliment lighter colors? Indoor shutters can do that. Window treatments that can create a range of lighting effects, like indoor shutters, are useful in a variety of design styles and in the nuanced differences between rooms within a single home.


Color is an essential element of every design style, and its strategic use can help balance a room or balanced design throughout the entire house. Even monochromatic design uses a balanced mix of primary hues and its tones and shades to create a successful color scheme. NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters are available in an array of colors to complement most color schemes so that they can be strategically used in the room’s color plan.


The texture is another element in interior design that can help make a room feel balanced. Most often a healthy mix of textures is more visually pleasing than a singular texture repeated throughout a space, except for some modern styles. Interior shutters are hard treatments, so they offer an interesting textural balance to softer elements. Furthermore, shutters work well when paired with soft treatments like drapery or side panels for a layered treatment with textural dimension.

The design experts at Ivan's Blinds & More are ready to help you find ways to balance design in your home using indoor shutters like NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters from Hunter Douglas. Request a consultation online or visit their showroom location near La Quinta, California. Ivan's Blinds & More serves residents in La Quinta as well as surrounding areas in the Coachella Valley including Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indio, and Palm Springs, CA.