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Wood Shades from Hunter Douglas

The team at Ivan’s Blinds and More loves wooden window treatments. With its combination of natural beauty, versatility, and durability, wood remains a popular building and design material. Wood is particularly well suited to interior design. It can be used not only in floors, furniture, and decorative items but also to create a range of functional items like window treatments. And no matter the application, wood brings its innate charm and arboreal beauty to the space capitalizing on the trending nature motifs that are flowing through modern design.

Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, Wood Shades, Wooden Window Treatments near La Quinta, California (CA)

5 Benefits of Using Wooden Elements

  1. Highly Customizable: If you love the look of wood there is no limit to the ways you can use it in home décor with numerous applications and color options including wood hues and solid paint colors.
  2. Warm, Sophisticated Style: There’s no other building material quite like wood with a natural charm that creates warm, welcoming ambiances.
  3. Complements a Variety of Aesthetics: Wood can work in almost any style of interior décor from traditional aesthetics to modern motifs because of its extreme versatility.
  4. Durable and Long Lasting: Wood has long been a preferred building material not just because of its versatility, but also because wood has a natural strength that makes items produced from it durable and long-lasting.
  5. Sound Absorbing: Wood is acoustically interesting in that it can amplify or absorb sound, so its strategic use in home décor can create more peaceful and quieter interiors.

Layered Window Fashions with Wooden Elements

In the world of window treatments there are three types with wooden components: plantation shutters, hardwood blinds, and woven wood shades. On their own the wooden shades, shutters, and blinds provide light control and their own chic aesthetic, but for truly heightened window treatments, both in terms of fashion and function, use wooden window coverings in layered window treatments for multi-dimensional style.

Shutters Plus Drapery

Start your wood-inspired layered window fashion with a strong set of plantation shutters in either natural wood tones or a solid white hue (depending on the color palette of the accompanying treatment). Pair the wood shutters with full drapery in a fabric that carries on the window fashion’s arboreal undertones such as Tree of Life or Dotted Line, two designer fabrics in the Rebecca Atwood fabric collection exclusively for Design Studio products by Hunter Douglas.

Woven Wood Shades Plus Side Panels

Base your wooden window fashion on innovative woven wood shades for sophisticated shades with a relaxed feel. Unlike hard shutters or blinds, woven wood shades are flexible twisting the traditional hard aesthetic of wood with a playful sense of movement. Frame the eye-catching, raw weaves of woven wood shades with side panels in natural textiles like linen or with fabrics in a natural motif like Atwood’s Floral Stamp or Field to continue the arboreal detailing.

Let the talented team at Ivan’s Blinds & More help you bring the natural style of high-end wood shades and arboreal-inspired design to your home. Shop the full range of wooden window treatments from Hunter Douglas at Ivan’s Blinds & More including woven wood shades, hardwood shutters, and wooden blinds. Ivan’s Blinds & More is located near La Quinta, California, and serves residents in Coachella Valley including those living in and around Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indio, Palm Springs, and La Quinta, CA. Request a consultation today.