Getting to Know Palm Beach™ Shutters for Homes

Getting to Know Palm Beach Shutters for Homes & Living Rooms in La Quinta, California (CA)

In this article, Ivan’s Blinds and More – conveniently located in La Quinta, California (CA) – is here to help you in getting to know Palm Beach™ Shutters for homes by Hunter Douglas. We proudly carry the full line of custom plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas.

Adding plantation shutters to your home can redefine the look of your windows while giving you prime light control and quick access to total privacy. The expert craftsmanship and smart design Hunter Douglas puts into their plantation shutters offers brilliant aesthetic and convenient operation. There are three different materials that Hunter Douglas uses to create their plantation shutters each offering something special. The most unique variant is the Palm Beach™ Shutters option.

While the wood options of plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas give you a purely classic and vintage look, the Palm Beach™ shutters offer a modern twist. The innovative Polysatin™ material gives the Palm Beach™ shutters a distinctly sleek and clean look, while still holding on to the unmistakable classic design of plantation shutters. The grain texture of natural wood is traded for a smooth surface that works seamlessly with both traditional homes and modern, minimalist interiors.

The durability of the Polysatin™ material is another standout feature on the Palm Beach™ shutters. The modern material is guaranteed to never warp, crack, break, or fade due to weather extremes such as heat or humidity. Not only will Palm Beach™ shutters look beautiful in your home, but you will be able to enjoy them as long as you want. Since Palm Beach™ shutters won’t age from the intense moisture or sunlight, they are ideal for providing shade for protection from the sun and keeping your home cool.

Palm Beach™ shutters are also highly customizable, both in their operation and decorative impact. There is a wide variety of paint colors available to create your ideal atmosphere for each room in your home. In addition, Palm Beach™ shutters can be fitted to a surprisingly diverse range of window shapes and sizes. Available specialty shapes include arches, trapezoids, angles, hexagons and octagons, circles and ovals, bay and corner windows, French doors, patio and sliding glass doors, and cut-outs.

There are few limitations when it comes to operating your Palm Beach™ shutters. While the traditional front tilt bar operating system is available, the TruView® Rear Tilt and Hidden Tilt systems allow you to adjust the panels without the bar, allowing for an unobstructed view. Palm Beach™ shutters also attach to your windows with a hinged panel system that opens up completely. You can also open up your shutters with the bifold track system or the bypass track system.

Palm Beach™ shutters are currently the only plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas that are available with the PowerView® Motorization operating system. You can control your shutters electronically from the PowerView® app with your smartphone or tablet. You can even control your shutters with your voice by integrating the app with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In the PowerView app, you can also create customized settings that take place with one touch or schedule your settings to take place at specific times. Enjoying your plantation shutters has never been more convenient.

At Ivan’s Blinds and More, we pride ourselves in offering our customers top-notch products which is why we sell Hunter Douglas window treatments. We are located in La Quinta, CA and serve the whole Coachella Valley, including Palm Desert and Palm Springs. Come stop by our showroom to see how Palm Beach shutters can revolutionize your windows.